Single axle trailers

We offer a wide range of single axle trailers. From spring mesh ramps to full hydraulic options. We have also introduced a workmate range for a more cost effective approach. Carrying capacity up to 13.7t ATM

Bobcat trailer

A versatile option for your entry into the market. These trailers are compact making any site accessible. Our bobcat trailer builders build them light, but tough. This trailer won’t disappoint, carrying a capacity up to 10t ATM.

Tandem axle trailer

These versatile trailers can be constructed to suit a wide range of applications. From excavator and bobcat combinations to large plant and attachments. Carrying capacity up to 24.6t ATM, our tandem axle trailer fabricators build these trailers to suit your needs on any project.

3 axle dog

Upping the ante, this dog trailer improves the carrying capacity of your truck by distributing weight to the forward axle group. Carrying your large plant equipment has never been easier! Carrying capacity up to 25.5t ATM.

Tri axle trailer

Our most popular trailer, with a wide range of options. This trailer can be customised to suit your every need. The tri axle trailer builders lend their expertise to create a trailer that can be used for pretty much any application. There’s not much you can’t do with this trailer. Built like a semi – towing is a breeze! Carrying capacity up to 32t ATM.

4 axle dog

The ultimate setup, this trailer gives versatility and stability. With a wide range of options available, we can build to suit your every need. From attachment housings to in deck wells, nothing is off limits. Carrying capacity up to 33t ATM.

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