Important legislative changes to trailer industry as of Jan 1, 2015

Out of courtesy to all potential trailer buyers, we wish to inform you of the changes in legislation which will affect all new tag/plant trailer sales in Australia as of Jan 1st 2015 and how this will impact you as a buyer.

To put it quite simply, as an accredited trailer manufacturer we will be required to fit either ABS or EBS to every trailer sold as of Jan. Whilst this will certainly add an additional element of safety to your trailer, it will also add to the initial purchase price.

As an indicative guide, the additional costs to include ABS (on top of your trailer purchase price) will be as follows:

  • Single Axle Plant/Tag Trailer: $ 2100.00*
  • Tandem Axle Plant/Tag Trailer: $ 2650.00*
  • Tri Axle Plant/Tag Trailer: $ 2980.00*

*these figures are subject to change

As an interesting side note, if you do not have an ABS/EBS “ready” truck, you will not be required to fit it but again this will be subject to change.

If we are able assist you with anything else or if you wish to discuss this further, please feel free to contact us on the mobile or the landline. Many thanks and happy buying.

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